Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Time To Let Go!


I quickly and easily release all that is complete for me.

I choose honorable closure and respectful completion to all relationships.

I release and let go of what no longer is best for all.

I happily free myself to be with those who want to be with me.

Time To Let Go!

There is a time to hang on.

There is a time to let go.

There is a way we are taught to try too hard.

There is a way we learn to stay too long.

In nature, animals learn to leave toxic situations.

Humans often try to change the unchangeable.

Animals take care of themselves first.

Humans often are too attached to attend to their own needs.

People learn that suffering is part of loving.

People believe that if it hurts it must be important.

People often stay too long in hurtful situations.

People often distort their perception by clinging to false hope.

There are romantic beliefs that when you love, you must cling and fight.

People may teach that to stay during the hard times means you really love.

People may encourage hanging on until it hurts.

People may worry and strangle the life out of a relationship.

To love is to fully and abundantly live.

When there is fear of losing, people may kill their spirit.

People learn to die trying and may glorify the sacrifice.

What if loving is letting go with gratitude and blessings.

Children often step away when there is danger.

Children learn to go home if they are not wanted.

Children naturally release what is hurting them.

Children allow the natural process of letting go.

Love is letting go of fear.

Love is trusting there is something better.

Love is forgiving the past resentments and regrets.

Love is freely allowing the process of change to be.

When we hang on to what is harmful, we get hurt.

When we continue doing what doesn’t work, we fail.

When we keep trying to get what we want, we weaken ourselves with efforting.

When we forget the goal is happiness and harmony, we may live in misery and discord.

We learn we cannot make others be and do what we want for ourselves.

We learn that each person has their own timing and life path.

We learn that life moves us in the highest direction of learning and success.

We learn that two travel best together when going in the same direction with similar intent.

Are you letting go when it is asked of you?

Are you leaving well enough alone?

Are you trusting in the highest outcome for all concerned?

Are you willing to take impeccable care of your first?

I AM open and willing to let go and trust “All Is Well.”

Betty Lue

Letting go can be fun, safe and easy.

Learn to let go with love and gratitude.