Monday, March 14, 2022

Pay Attention!


I seek and see the Good in all that is.

I forgive my misperceptions.

I choose to see what works in my life.

I appreciate the power of choice.

Have You Noticed?

Have you seen the beauty?

Do you look for Love?

Have you received the Value?

Do you pay attention to Good?

What we look for, we will see.

What we seek, we shall find.

What we appreciate, we will increase.

What we speak, we will create.

When we are seeking what is wrong, there it is.

When we are seeking what is wise, there it is.

When we are seeking to learn something new, It is there.

When we are seeking to be inspired, we find it there.

Our eyes will see what we are looking for.

We direct our thoughts, words and experiences to what we want to see and experience.

The ego delights in being right, so it attends to what it want to prove.

The mind will focus on and attract the experience it seeks to be so.

We are all at choice.

If a good day is what you want, then you will translate the day into good.

If you are looking for a fight to be right, you will create just what you want.

If you are at a loss and not choosing for yourself, you will allow others choices to rule.

You can ruin your whole day with one mistake.

You can change your whole day with letting go.

You can forgive the bad choice or letting others choose.

You can choose again for what you really want for you.

Your home and health, your relationships and finances, all are up to you.

Appreciate the good and have more good.

Focus on the bad and keep finding more bad.

What you notice, you amplify and increase.

Wake up affirming the amazing day you will have.

Choose daily what wisdom and good you will see.

Be grateful each evening for the Beauty and Good you have.

Appreciate the power of your choice.

Encouraging you to have a Good Life!

Betty Lue