Sunday, March 13, 2022

Lucky You!

Remember time change today!!


How I judge my life to be, so it is for me.

I choose  to have life and give abundantly.

My life is a gift to me and I share it freely.

I Live life well and my gratitude expands my joy.

Luck, Karma or Choice?

Are you lucky?

Is what you experience each day your fate or destiny?

Or have you simply made a choice?

Are you responsible for what you experience?

If you are lucky, appreciate it.

If it is your fate, learn more.

If you have attracted it to you, be selective.

If you just don’t know, choose what you want to believe.

Everyone wants their life to be good for them.

Most people are willing to learn how to have more good.

Some people trust they can effect the changes in life.

A few people actively work on creating more good.

Whatever you believe about you, you make so for your life.

If you believe you are lucky or unlucky, you will probably be right.

The mind wants to be right about whatever it believes.

Our personalities usually fight against being wrong about anything.

If this is your lucky day, enjoy it all.

If this is your unlucky day, pay attention to it all.

If this is your destiny, watch and wait for the outcome.

If this is your chosen reality, make corrections and choose well.

Life is what it is.

However you frame it, claim it or blame it, it still is just what it is.

Why not enjoy the ride and learn why you have come?

Take the time to have what you have and give what you give?

You can hide from life or hang on and ride your life until the end.

Much like a rodeo, life has clowns and tricks and bucking broncos.

Life may have moments of victory and agonies of defeat.

Life has its own exhilarating ups and painful downs.

Are you learning?

Are you listening?

Are you waking up?

Are you here?

Whatever you are doing with your life, Have life and have it abundantly.

Wherever you go in life, live it and enjoy the journey.

Whomever you love in your life, love fully and freely.

This is your life, whether fate or choice, luck or responsibility.

You can have it All!

Loving and Living Well, 

Betty Lue