Friday, March 04, 2022

Loving Ways


My Love is innocent, patient and kind.

The Love I Am seeks only to give itself to all.

Love holds no grievances and forgives all things.

Everything is either Love to be given or a call for Love to be received.

Loving Ways! 

What is this “Love” and what is attraction?

What is the safe way to love other than our own partner?

What is the right way to love other children than our own?

What is the best way to share love with acquaintances, friends and strangers?


Love is our natural state.

Love is what we came here for.

Love is safety and innocence.

All Love is expressing our Love for God.

Love is remembering of our Original Love Source, Higher Power, Spirit or whatever you call it. 

Attraction is the call to learn or remember something.

Repulsion is also the call to learn or forgive something.

When we connect love and attraction, we are translating feelings into action.

When we translate LOVE into human ideas of loving and sexuality, it ceases to be Divine Love.

The human ego has been conditioned to translate Love into physical intimacy and connection.

We become confused and conflicted.

We get lost in past and future fantasy.

Our beliefs about rules, boundaries, desire and loss confuse our relationships.

Our learning about love and marriage, human connection and affection cloud our experience.

What we want is to return to the original Love, a place of innocence, safety and trust.

What we long for is to find inner peace and union with Goodness and Divine Love.

So what do we do with these feelings of attraction?

How do we acknowledge our desires and needs?

Use a few simple questions:

1) What is the real reason, I feel this attraction and desire?

Write down pages of answers coming from the mental thoughts, beliefs and learning.

2) What am I to teach and learn, give and receive, in this connection or attraction?

3) How will my connecting with this person in friendship support me and my life purpose?

4) How do I respect and respond to the Love I am experiencing.?

5)  Does this Love come from neediness, separation from Self, wanting to remember my own Love?

All loving relationships are to inspire and return us to the Love We Are.

Love is innocent.

Love does no harm.

Love is the condition of remembering the Love We are.

Loving us all in remembering.

Betty Lue