Sunday, March 06, 2022



I value my everyday lifestyle and healthy habits.

I benefit from my daily spiritual practice.

I am grounded in what creates healthy thoughts, words and actions.

I center myself with what is highest and best for me personally.

Consistency Creates Security!

Routine stabilizes emotions.

In a world of change, humans need some stability.

With so much unknown, we need to rely on what is known.

When everything seems chaotic, we need to create order.

When we are consistent, we feel secure.

When we have routine, we find our center.

When we are centered, we feel safe.

When we feel safe, we know Love.

Often the human mind is filled with complication and confusion.

When we fill ourselves with random information, it leads to random thoughts.

When we fill ourselves with focused information, we experience focused thinking.

Perhaps the bad dreams, anxious feelings and attention difficulties come from our chaotic lifestyles.

Consider, we are here to feed our bodies familiar and consistent healthy foods.

Consider, to be healthy, we need to eat healthy, live healthy, learn healthy and think healthy.

Consider, we are habituated to ingesting a variety of thoughts, foods, information and experiences.

Consider, random thoughts, foods, info and experiences lead to random or unfocused lives.

Where is our focus?

To what are we allegiant?

How do we choose?

How much variety do we need?

Some avoid familiarity.

Some want diversity.

Some fear being bored.

Some abhor routine.

Have we gone too far in changing times?

Have we lost our center and our peace?

Are you addicted to the adrenalin of fear?

Have we stepped away from basic goodness?

When traditions are good, let’s preserve them in our lives.

When certain habits are healthy, let us continue them.

When our lifestyle provides security, let’s maintain it.

When we feel safe, happy and whole, let us appreciate what we have.

Bodies digest better what is known.

Minds learn better what is familiar.

Relationship last better with tradition.

Life works better with routine.

There is no harm in having the basics in life continue.

There is no loss in having our relationships be preserved with respect.

There is no fear that comes from giving ourselves and our children structure.

There is nothing wrong with continuing basic good and healthy ways of life.

Loving us all as we learn what is highest and best for each one.

Betty Lue