Friday, February 04, 2022

Start Now!


I do what I say.

I keep my promises to myself.

I give myself the best thoughts and words and activities daily.

I use my time and my life time wisely and well.

Stop Waiting!

Stop waiting for someone else to do it.

Stop wishing for something to happen.

Stop distracting yourself with meaningless details.

Stop denying yourself what you can have right now.

Stop listening to expensive quick fixes.

Stop buying fantasy and myths.

Stop pretending this is your destiny.

Stop making phony excuses.

Stop thinking you are unworthy.

Stop living as a victim of life.

Stop believing your own stories.

Stop quitting on yourself and your dreams. 

If important to you, do it now.

If you dare, change your thinking now.

If you care, do what needs to be done.

If you are willing, begin today.

There is no time like the present.

I can.

You can.

We can.

When you make up excuses for not having what you want, you block the flow.

When you let life pass you busy, you are giving in to egoic fear.

When you actually believe that is it impossible, it will be for you.

When you start relying on your will and your work, it will be done.

The mind is your leader or your road block.

What you think, you follow.

When you follow fear, you will be afraid.

When you follow love, you will be inspired.

Choose your thoughts.

Speak your truth.

Live what is right for you.

Do it now.

Loving you in doing what you love,

Betty Lue