Friday, January 07, 2022

Words Matter


I delete all negative communication and send positives.

I forgive any mistake I make with my words.

I quickly listen and respond with words that heal.

I choose to speak with a kind and respectful intention.

Words Matter

Words can heal.

Words can hurt.

Words can connect.

Words can disconnect.

Listen closely first.

Listen for the true intention.

Seek for love.

Seek for the call for love.

When there is lack of love, there is fear.

When there is hurt expressed, there is hurt within.

When there is fear expressed, there is fear within.

When there is anger expressed, there is fear and hurt within.

When we listen to words, we must be aware of what is beneath them.

When we hear words of anger, fear and hurt, there is call for love.

When we allow the anger, fear and hurt to penetrate, we react with anger, fear and hurt.

When we love and forgive consistently, we always respond with love.

Be aware of what is being said.

Be aware of what is the need.

Be aware of what is true. 

Be aware of what you can do.

In families, friendships or change encounters, words are shared.

Use your words wisely and with clear intention.

When you hear words, listen with compassion.

Use your heart to hear the deeper calling.

Respond with Love.

Stop reacting with Fear.

Response with an open mindedness.

Stop reacting with defensiveness.

Time to change the verbal/text messages we share with others.

Stop looking for what is wrong and seeking what is right.

Time to eliminate negative reactions and respond with willingness to be helpful.

Take nothing personally and always give your best.

Give yourself time outs to center yourself.

Give yourself love and appreciation to fill yourself.

Forgive yourself to give yourself with good intentions.

And remember you are here to teach and learn, give and receive.

Be open and willing to be your best and always Good will follow.

Trusting we are all doing our best with what we know.

Betty Lue

Four Agreements.

Make No Assumptions. 

Keep Your Agreements. 

Take Nothing Personally. 

Always Give Your Best.

By Don Miguel Ruiz

Make a list of what makes you feel GOOD.

That is your homework assignment every day!

Keeping it simple! 

When people feel “good”, they do good.

When people feel good, they are positive.

When people feel good, they are healthy.

When people feel good, they make positive, healthy choices.

When people feel bad ( sad, disappointed, hurt, angry, resentful, criticized and unloved),  they make bad choices.

The key is to feel good yourself and then help others feel good.

  • Be positive.
  • Be encouraging.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be helpful.

Tips to help people feel good.

1) Learn.

Talk less and listen more.

Only give advice when asked.

Keep conversations private and confidential.

Ask questions that encourage them to make their own choices.

2) Be Helpful.

Ask if they want your help.

Ask what they think will be best.

Ask what they want to feel loved/rewarded.

Listen and learn from what you see and hear and feel.