Thursday, January 06, 2022



I free myself to be happy with my giving.

I learn and enjoy all mistakes.

I know my loving intention is enough.

I live in a state of gratitude and grace for my call to serve.

Take heed perfectionists!  

Give and share rather than wait to do it perfectly.

Make Mistakes

I make mistakes everyday.

I learn from the mistakes I make.

I see every error not as a “sin.”

I see mistakes as a place to begin.

When on a movie set, there are many “takes” for each scene.

When we understand that each “take” is an opportunity to learn, we release a need to condemn.

When we are free to learn from everything without the need to condemn, we learn quickly and easily.

When we are self judging, shaming or blaming, we often shut down and miss the natural learning.

As I write these reminders each morning, usually in about 15 minutes, I make no corrections.

I usually am called to move on to begin my day with a healthy juice or smoothie and quiet time.

I answer emails and phone calls and begin to see clients by 8 AM.

My days are filled with opportunities to serve myself, partner and home with the best I know.

When I enter each day, I am focused on giving, creating, facilitating the highest Good for All.

Whether doing laundry, writing a note, cleaning my office or counseling, I give myself to Good.

Life works because I am focused on the goal, my intention and what inspires me to serve.

When I make mistakes in spelling, in forgetting, over watering plants or saying the wrong thing, I quiekly forgive and choose again……

always remembering I serve only for Good and with the Good I know.

Would you rather be right or be happy?

I would rather be happy and not try to be right or perfect.

Would you rather judge mistakes or learn from them?

I would rather learn easily, let go and choose again for Good.

Would you rather not try or explore new possibilities?

I would rather experiment and explore and trust my Good intentions.

Would you rather wait until you do it just right or share what is done with love?

I love to love and enjoy the expressions of Love in me and in those around me.

Sometimes I am so focused on sharing everything that I forget the details in between.

I find the explanations, excuses and justifications we make are just a way of not doing.

When I am called to give, I give my best at the time and trust it is always good enough.

When you share yourself with others, trust your intention is the natural gift.

You need no excuses for making mistakes.

Mistakes are fun, safe and easy.

When we know we are giving our best, it is always enough.

When we enjoy our natural state of loving and giving, we are blessed by the love.

Be grateful.

Thankful we are here to live and learn, love and let go together, 

Betty Lue