Saturday, January 15, 2022



In everything I see a reflection of myself.

Life works when I align my vision to the Highest Good.

I choose to be grateful and gracious in loving all.

I give and receive with full gratitude for all that is.

Thank You!

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for receiving.

Thank you for caring.

Thank you for being.

What greater gift than relating to one another!

When we have another, we can see ourselves.

When we interact with another, we can know ourselves.

When we communicate with another, we can hear ourselves.

Relationships give us opportunities to heal and grow.

Relationships help us learn and know what really matters.

Relationships teach us who and where our heart lies.

Relationship are the change to truly feel what giving means.

All that I give is given to myself.

All I say is a message first for me.

All I see and hear is feedback for my greater awareness.

All I feel in loving you is meant for me.

When I know I am writing these loving reminders for me, I am guided.

When I feel the words I speak are messages of love, I feel deeply loved.

When I receive the gifts I give, I know great abundance.

When I breathe in the beauty of this life, I honor my Goodness and beauty.

Every moment of everyday, I am given everything I am willing to receive.

Every Loving Reminders is a gift for me.

Every song I sing and word I speak is telling me I am whole.

Every longing I have to give all I Am, I know the blessing within All.

There is Love all around me when I know the Love in me.

There is protection all around me, when I know Safety in me.

There is willingness all around me, when I know I am willing.

There is life energy and vitality all around me, when I know I am whole.

Life is working for us to see and relate with ourselves.

Love is flowing for us to receive and give to ourselves.

Trust is given for us to believe and remind ourselves.

Freedom is given for us to enjoy and open to limitless being.

And so it is we prosper and are grateful.

And so it is we enjoy and are happy.

And so it is we contribute and are blessed.

And so it is we are in love and are all One.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue