Sunday, January 16, 2022

Family Harmony


I choose to create harmony in myself and my relationships.

I live with honesty, respect and responsibility.

I appreciate my family and humanity with my thoughts, words and activities.

I teach by example and live what I teach.

Create Harmony in Your Family!

Family Rules for Parents (from my then 9 yr. old granddaughter)

#1 Don’t yell……unless absolutely necessary. 

When asked what would make it necessary.  She said, “To stop someone from getting hurt.”

#2 Don’t get angry, when someone is having a tantrum, Comfort them.

#3 Give everyone responsibilities—so they don’t get spoiled.

#4 Only give allowance or rewards, when their responsibilities are done.

I grew up with a large extended family in Michigan, where everyone helped everyone.

No matter what the difference in ages, education, beliefs, or culture, everyone got along.

There was willingness to be truly helpful and caring, kindness and sharing.

At annual family reunion, everyone helps to prepare meals, takes care of kids and clean up.

I was part of a family team where we had similar goals, total honesty and all participated.

We were committed to finding solutions where everyone was happy and no one felt lost or left out.

We were all give responsibilities appropriate for our age and all did our jobs happily.

Because this is what I experienced from 1 yr. old, it is natural for me to be helpful and respectful.

I grew up in a family with no yelling, threats or demands.

I grew up in a family with no fighting, name-calling or blaming.

I grew up in a family with no gossip, shameful or unhappy story telling.

I grew up in a family with no worry or fear-mongering.

There was simply love, trust and freedom to be and do as we chose.

There was strong faith in God, with no special religious beliefs, accepting all religions.

There was a happy desire to be helpful and kind to one another and humanity.

There was  a deep calling to do Good in our world, beginning with our own family.

Key guidelines for all relationships and families, businesses and partnerships.

Respect one another with no hurting physically, emotionally or financially.

Be responsible for your words and behavior, actions and inaction.

Cooperate by caring for one another, doing what is fair, sharing what you have.

When everyone helps everyone, the work gets done.

When everyone helps everyone, we all have fun.

When everyone helps everyone, we feel like one.

When everyone helps everyone, life is fun, safe and easy.

I believe you can change your world by changing you.

What you conceive and believe, you can achieve.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue’

Begin by writing down what you want in your home!

Then everyday in everyday Practice, Practice, Practice.

You can when you think you can.

Some Guidelines for a Respectful Household

Your Home is your sanctuary and safe haven.

Remove shoes when entering your home. 

(Have some place to neatly set them.)

Keep  home clear of clutter and clean.

Speak with respect to one another at all times.

Say ”please” and “thank you”.

No yelling, arguing or rough play inside. 

Take it outside if necessary.

Do not yell across the house to get someone’s attention.  

Walk closer to talk to people.

Keep noise down by using earphones or headsets.

Respect the requests of those who are responsible for the home.

Eat at the table and clean up after yourself.  

Be responsible and cooperate with those asking for help.