Tuesday, December 14, 2021



I give with Joy and fill my life with Happiness.

Joy is my natural state.

When I remember to be grateful, I am happy.

My life is filled with love, peace and happiness. 

Joy Is Our Natural State

When we are unhappy, not peaceful or unloving, we have lost our way.

Joy is a natural guidepost to tell us where to go.

Joy is the result of forgiving and returning to love.

Joy is the experience of release guilt, resentment, hurt and sorrow.

When we are fully alive, we are Joyful.

When we are present with what is, we are Happy.

When we are appreciating what we have, we are naturally Happy.

When we are giving and forgiving, we experience Joy.

Consider what brings you fatigue.

Look at what makes you angry.

See what causes you distress.

Notice what brings you unhappiness.

There will be a judgment, fear or worry.

There will be a thought that something is wrong.

There will be a sense of victimization.

There will be a misperception of being hurt, misunderstood or not good enough.

People often learn to take or do something to be joyful.

People often try quick fixes or special relationships.

People may use drugs, alcohol or pharmaceuticals.

People seem to think happiness is an outside job.

True and lasting happiness comes from within.

Happiness is a choice to listen inside to what is true for us.

Joy is the natural state in which we are innocent.

Joy is the place in which we reside when we know we are loved.

Love is the absence of fear.

Peace is the absence of conflict.

Joy is the experience of no pain.

All these states can be experienced when we are awake and aware, on purpose and in Love.

Fear is false evidence appearing real.

Peace is the allowance of all things to be as they are.

Joy is the willingness to forgive and let go.

Trying to control life with our fear leads to being off purpose.

When we are listening within, we hear the still small voice, reminding us to love.

When we ask what is the most loving response to everyone, we know how to be truly helpful.

When we let go of the need to fix or change and respond to life with peace, we know Joy.

When we relinquish all attack and choose to bring only Good to all situations, we are happy.

Life is a call for Love and Joy and Peace.

Let us wake up and answer the call.

Love only Love, 

Betty Lue