Monday, November 29, 2021

Greet Everyone with Respect!


I honor each One as the Gift You Are.

I celebrate and appreciate the beauty within  it All.

I am well aware of the blessing to be here alive!

I see the Good in all parts we play in the drama of life.

Treat All with Respect

Let us greet and treat others as we want to be treated.

Let us love each one with the attention and kindness we want.

Let us remember one another with appreciation and value.

Let us begin today seeing ourselves in the way we want to be seen.

It is possible that we have been false witnesses to ourselves and others.

It is likely we have only looked and evaluated the surface of each being.

It is amazing that we neglected to see the magnificence in ourselves and others.

It is incredible that we have missed the best part of our relationship journey.

How have we not seen the beauty within this world?

How have we missed the Goodness and love in so much of what is?

How have we not appreciated the gift in each sharing of talent?

How have we denied our own self appreciation and worth?

Is it not time to wake up and smell the fragrance and see the beauty?

Is it time to stop denying the miracle of life in which we live?

Are we not ready to simply enjoy and celebrate the awakening of the Sun?

Are we not the ones to shout out our gratitude for the Miracles of Creation?

Look within and you will see the Love waiting for you.

Look out and you will see those waiting for your Love and to Love you in return.

Look down and you will see the Beauty and Bounty of this Earth Home.

Look up and you will see the open space in which to fly free and imagine the infinite.

We are blessed to be here now.

We are challenged to be here now.

We are gifted to be here now.

We are invited to be here now.

Are you ready to enjoy it all?

Are you willing to see it all?

Are you open to be grateful for it all?

Are you allowing yourself to give your Best to it all?

Your life and mine have a way of calling us out of hiding.

We can hear the old “hide and seek” when found, “You Are It!”

It is true you are here to be the One who shows us and touches Home Base.

You can allow yourself to come out of hiding and be willing to be the One.

Begin by greeting yourself each Morning.

Find your True Self and respect your whole Being.

Look beneath the skin and see the Gift within.

Listen closely to your inner guidance system and Love You.

Loving You, because I know You as Myself!

Betty Lue