Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Stuck, Stagnant or Simply Out of Energy?


I give myself exactly what I need when I need it.

I trust my choices and always choose the best for me.

I know what I want and I go for it.

What is best for me is always best for others.

When You Run Out of Options, Then What?

What do you do, when there seems to be no options?

Are you awake and aware of where you are?

Do you notice when you are depressed or out of options?

Are you willing to relax and rest or get up and get going?

Sometimes we just need to pause and take inventory.

Sometimes we need to rest and return to our natural state.

Sometimes we need to ask for help, inner and outer.

Sometimes we need to get up and get going again.

Life can be our energizer and inspiration.

We may need to let go of everything that burdens us.

We may need to wash away the past and begin brand new.

We might just want to take a vacation for what has been to see what can be.

Look within at what may be holding you back.

Are there judgments, fears, resentment or guilt?

Do you need to forgive and relinquish the past?

Pause, let go and flush. 

Look outside and see what is not working.

Give yourself time to undo what no longer serves you.

Release the habits and addictions that delay or distract you.

Be willing to give yourself a new playing field.

Take inventory of what works and what doesn’t work.

Gracefully and gratefully let go of everything that is not good for you.

Release and bless relationships that limit, depress or exhaust you.

Stop doing what drains you and choose what inspires you.

Duties and obligations, needed jobs and functions can be transformed.

You can change your mind about almost anything.

If you don’t enjoy it, choose to appreciate all you do.

Find what you value about your service to others and yourself.

Where you give value, you will receive value.

What you appreciate, you will receive appreciation.

Where you give generously with joy, you will experience more joy.

You really will receive the energy and attitude which you give.

When stuck or stagnant, ask: “What do I need?”

When tired or fed up, ask yourself and listen to your own inner response.

When you feel done with people and the world of stuff, take time to do as you are guided within.

You actually have the answers within you when you choose to honor what you hear inside.

Trusting you to take impeccable care of you!

Betty Lue