Monday, October 18, 2021

Add Value


I add value to whomever I encounter.

I give inspiration and support to others.

I share the best I know with everyone.

What is best for me is best for others.

Adding Value

Life is for giving the best you have.

Life is for adding value wherever you go.

Life is for sharing the gift of goodness and love.

Love is for being forgiving and grateful for all you see.

When we add value, we must know what is valued.

When we add our best, we must be aware of what is best.

When we add gifts to friends and family, we must realize what is truly a gift.

When we add forgiveness and gratitude, we must let go, learn and be grateful.

Those who add value to a conversation, listen for what to share.

Those who add value to a relationship, are aware of the call for love.

Those who add value to a situation, understand what is being expressed and the need.

Those who add value to the adventure of life, learn from everyone and everything because they care.

Often people jump in and want to fix or change according to their own need.

Some people try to get the value they want from relationships because of their own greed.

Other folks dare to compare the value they get from every person and purchase.

What it all comes down to is “GIVING” or “GETTING”?

When we feel needy, dependent or not enough, we want to get all we can.

When we feel greedy, selfish and hungry for more, we want to take all we can.

When we feel fearful, cautious and on survivals door, we want to make sure we won’t get hurt anymore.

When we have needs, fears, insatiable appetites for more, we must clear our needs with enough.

Adding value requires that we feel valuable.

Adding value asks that we bring ourselves peace.

Adding value invites us to seek the best within.

Adding value listens for where to begin.

“If you have nothing to say, say nothing at all.”

“If you have nothing to give, share your appreciation.”

When we are empty or unknowing, it is best to fill up first.

When we cannot give value, it is because we are depleting ourselves.

Listen and learn.

Forgive judgments first.

Be present with Gratitude.

Respond with kindness.

We are here to add value to everyone and everything we see and hear, taste and touch.

We are here to stop taking on what is not ours, because we already have what is ours.

We are here to clear our fear, ingest the best and forgive the rest.

We are hare to be the gift that keeps on giving, because we have forgiven ourselves.

Add value and enjoy the value in you.

Believing in you, 

Betty Lue