Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Believe First

I believe in the power of love, trust and freedom.
I believe in belief itself.
I trust there is a Presence that guides, sustains and nurtures me supporting Goodness for all.
I have faith what I give I receive and what I teach I learn as I am giving and teaching.

Believe and You Will See It.

By our faith, we make it so.
Our thoughts create.
Where you conceive and believe, you will achieve.
What we believe, we will see.

Can you believe that your thoughts are creating your experience.?
Are you open to experimenting with this amazing experience?
Will you consider the possibility that what we are imagining and thinking creates our perception.
What we hold in mind will produce in like kind.

Yes, we were taught “Seeing is believing.”
That we must see something in the physical first before we are willing to believe it is so.
Just like in magic tricks the magician convinces the audience to believe what will happen.
In medicine, politics, science, sales and education, it is our faith and trust that convinces us.

When we believe in the medicine, we are convinced of the result we desire.
When we believe in the salesman, we are sold on the idea of what we desire.
When we believe in the cake we bake, we follow directions and look for our desired outcome.
When we believe in the politician’s story, we buy into what he says he will do for us.

However, where there is doubt, we will questions the possible outcomes.
When we are skeptical, we look for what we don’t believe being so.
When we are distrusting, we become cautious and convinced we are right.
When we look for the falsehoods, we will find them or make them up to be so.

How could we have faith in what is so easily changed by our doubting?
How can we be convinced when so many others are not sure?
How can we know what will happen, when so often we see we are wrong?
How can we totally trust, when we know there are human errors?

The world of doubt is currently sold in all media coverage.
Parents argue about the right way to parent their children.
Financial barons disagree on how and when to invest our money.
Preachers and teachers argue about their differences in what they teach.
Doctors have many different opinions about diagnosis and treatment.
Children disagree about the right way to play and win. 
Scientists disagree on the research and outcome in experiments.
Lawyers disagree on the law and ethics.

What do you believe?
It seems there is no singular truth.
It seems like we cannot believe what seems to be so.
It seems there is no outer authority where we can go.

Perhaps the faith, belief and trust are an inside job.
Perhaps we can go within to a place that is stable and true.
Perhaps we need to listen to our inner voice.
Perhaps we can align with what is Good and Whole.

You can choose what and whom and when to believe.
Choose for what is right and good for you.
Believe and choose to see your faith work for you.
Trust and know your faith will see you through.

Believing in you and trusting in your faith,
Betty Lue