Monday, October 04, 2021



I know what is true and Good.

I follow the path of Light and Love.

I listen to what is healing and helpful.

I believe and live the Good I know.

If you have nowhere to go, you will go nowhere.

If you have no one to trust, you will trust no one.

If you have nothing to believe in, you will believe in nothing.

You cannot trust, believe or actualize yourself when you believe, trust and have nowhere to go.

Faith, Hope and Love come from freeing yourself to follow the path in which you believe and trust.

Some say they are non-believers.

Some say they are not religious.

Some say they don’t trust anyone or anything.

Without some simple faith, life is meaningless, dark, empty and depressing..

Living comes from believing.

Believing comes from trust in something or someone.

Faith come from trust, believing and seeing what is yet to be seen.

What is there to believe in?

Who is there to trust?

How can you find faith and confidence in anyone?

Where are we to go when we know not where to go?

When you don’t know where to go, ask for direction.

When you don’t know who to trust, watch to see who is respectful and responsible.

When you don’t know what to believe in, observe what is dependable and consistent.

Those who live in integrity with what they say, can be trusted, believed and followed.

When you are true to your word, you can be trusted.

When you live your beliefs, u will have confidence.

When you honor your agreements, you will be believed.

When you trust and believe in yourself, you will live in integrity.

I recommend you stop, look and listen to yourself.

I suggest you begin to clear the false hopes and dreams and choose again.

Forgive your mistakes, misperceptions and erroneous values.

Choose again for what has respect, responsibility and consistency.

When you can count on the Good within You, you will know the Good in another.

When you can trust the impeccable nature of your Values, you will see what is True in others.

When you can hear within the calling of your heart, you will recognize what provides direction to you.

When you live following your inner Guide, your life will be fun, safe and easy for you.

Life is the gift we are given to use wisely and for the Good of All.

Believe your life and purpose and live what has heart and meaning for you.

Follow the inspired direction you feel within you and know Great Good.

Life is the journey we take to find the path of purpose, healing and Love.

Loving and Trusting you to find your way,

Betty Lue