Monday, September 06, 2021

What I See …..


I am free to be all I want to be.

I am filled with inspiration, motivation and energy to do and be all I dream.

I can do what I think and know I can do.

I easily clear the blocks to creation, manifestation and contribution.

What I Can See Is Up To Me.

If I can see it, I can be it.

If I see something that needs to be done, it is mine to do.

If I feel a calling, it is mine to fulfill.

If I begin it, I can complete it.

What I see, I can do with the faith and desire in me.

When we want something with all our heart, we can begin to create.

When we create our heart’s desire, we simply need to stop the doubt and fear.

When we forgive our limiting thoughts and false beliefs, there is no limit.

Excuses are our self-doubts and denial made manifest.

We can always change our mind and our lives.

We can eliminate the self-made faulty beliefs.

We can free ourselves to fully activate and Be.

When we live like we are unlimited, we can respond with a resounding “YES”.

When we give like we are provided for all good things, we will be given abundantly.

When we honor our goals, dreams and vision, we are supported by the universe.

When we appreciate that which fills our heart and expands our consciousness, it grows.

When I think I am alone, I will feel alone.

When I think I cannot be or do, I will not be or do.

When I imagine it is impossible, it will be impossible for me.

Our work is to set us free to be, as we see we desire to be.

All great works began as small ideas and imaginings.

Every great contributor once had limited funds.

All amazing inventors have equally amazing failings.

We must begin right where we are and develop strength within.

Ask what matters most to you.

If you really mean it, you will see it!

Ask what you can do to begin it.

If you are committed, you will never quit until you achieve it.

Write down your dreams and ideas and vision.

  • What I really want to have and have not yet given myself.
  • What I really want to do and have not yet done.
  • What I really want to be and have not yet experienced.
  • What keeps me from being, doing and having all I want is: (Make a list)

My favorite questions are:

What do I really want to give to my world?

Am I willing to do, be and give what it takes?

Am I freeing myself to be the best and give my best daily?

I thank you for being open and willing to have and give All You are here to Be!

Betty Lue