Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Use Affirmations!


I affirm all good and only Good in my life.

I easily change my mind to what works for all.

My positive and affirming mind is a prayer of Good for my world.

I release all negative ways and trust in what is health and helpful for all.

Affirmations Work!

Affirmations are positive prayer.

Affirmations remind you of the Highest Truth.

Affirmations clear the limiting beliefs.

Affirmations erase with Love (similar to “Forgiveness”)

Repeating positive thoughts is practice for your mind to open to positive actions.

Writing positive words over and over begins to erase all the negative words.

Developing a positive thinking and speaking habit opens you to live more positive.

Using affirmations which are positive changes your mind to allow you to be in charge.

Most of our reactive thoughts and words are used without thinking.

Most people have reactive or fear-based habits which continue what is unhealthy.

Most habitual thinking and speaking is learned from others and media.

Most people are unaware of how programmed they are with limiting, lacking and belittling nonsense.

To awaken requires that we be fully responsible for all we think and say and do.’

We cannot be responsible if we are addicted, programmed and immersed in the faulty beliefs.

To free ourselves, we must become aware, acknowledge and let go of everything that is not true.

To be ourselves, we must remove the unconscious limiting thoughts and words we use.

Affirmations are a powerful tool to set our minds and our lives free of negativity.

Worldly “truth” is only “true” because we have made it so.

In our unconsciousness and laziness and trance state, we have accepted what we have been taught.

The limiting thoughts in this world are passed down generation to generation without consciousness.

We have been taught to fear and to doubt ourselves and our choices.

We have experienced words and experiences that we believed were true.

We have been programmed to think small, speak fear and live poorly.

We can simply forgive it all and choose again.

Affirmations are useful to clear the fear.

Affirmations are like cleansing the mind to think freely.

Affirmations are gifts to open our minds to see things differently.

Affirmations are tools to change our minds and follow our heart.


See below my description of how affirmations can best be used.

I learned many years ago from Sandra Ray, “Loving Relationship Training” and “I Deserve Love”.

Free your limited thinking and change your life.

Use repeated positive prayer and affirmation to create with your consciousness.

Life is yours to use, explore, create and learn.

Use affirmations daily and you will begin to see the difference.

Your mind is here to serve and support you and your dreams.

Believe in what you affirm, and you will see what you affirm.

Trusting you to undo all negative and limited thinking.

Betty Lue