Monday, August 02, 2021

What Are You Learning?


Love is the way to peace.

I quickly recognize, forgive and erase all blocks to Love.

It is safe, fun and easy to love, only Love.

All good comes from Loving without condition or specialness.

What Are You Learning?

Are you learning to fear or to love?

Are you learning to judge or forgive?

Are you learning to condemn or accept?

Are you learning to hurt or to heal?

What do you want to learn?

If you are afraid, you will learn to defend.

If you are loving, you will learn to forgive.

If you are helpful, you will learn to heal.

We have to unlearn intolerance.

We have to unlearn prejudice.

We have to unlearn to attack.

We have to unlearn withdrawing our love.

I have no attachment to a certain belief or religion.

I prefer to choose love, acceptance and Goodness.

I teach by my example, creating more beauty, blessings and Good with each one and everyone.

I learn from everyone, as I am a teacher of innocence and Love for all.

When we teach what we are learning, we will learn from what we teach.

Everything we give is given to ourselves.

All we think and say and do teaches our whole universe.

When we undo false learning and teaching, we are clearing it all for all.

In this life, I play many parts, all of them designed to bring more happiness and peace.

In this life, I share many words, all of them dedicated to clearing the way for better living.

In this life, I do many things, all of them committed to bringing more awareness and choices.

In this life, I have many visions, each one opportunities for the realization of Unconditional Love.

I have no personal aspirations. needs or desires.

I am here to serve the Greater Good.

I do not know what is called forth until I listen and do what I hear and trust.

I do know that we are Love, seeking only and always to love and be loved.

I do know that humanity seems to have forgotten the way to Love.

It seems that most people fear Love and resist and withhold Love.

It seems that many have been confused and distracted by the temptations and complexities for the world.

It seems that often people seek the “quick fix” or solutions to take away the pain of not knowing Love.

Now is the time for us to engage one another in the dialogue of how to love and be loved.

We can begin with our family and ourselves.

We can ask one another:  How can I love you better?

We can forgive ourselves for being afraid to love with innocence and trust, as a child loves.

We can choose again to remove (forgive and erase) all obstacles to being Loving always.

We can undo the false beliefs and limited thinking that separates us from one another.

We can choose to live in Love, with Love in our Hearts and Minds as Love in our world.

Life works when we Love,

Betty Lue