Sunday, August 15, 2021

Mistakes Are For Learning!


I am willing to be wrong.

All mistakes are opportunities to forgive and learn.

I easily and quickly forgive all mistakes, yours, mine and ours.

I am willing to see things differently.

I trust all things work together for Good.

Sometimes We Are Mistaken!  

Are you willing to be wrong?


Are you willing to apologize?


Are you willing to forgive?


Are you willing to know you don’t know.


We can get stuck in trying to “be right.”

We can get lost in wanting to know.

We can pursue our need to be wise, correct, special, loved.

We can forget we are vulnerable, fallible, ignorant, still learning.

I cannot be you and see through your eyes.

You cannot be me and see what I see.

We are each here to see from our own perspective.

When we believe there is only one point of view, we judge others are mistaken.

I love to hear and see others insights and awarenesses and ideas and visions.

When I can see what you see, it expands my vision.

When we do not judge others’ beliefs and experiences, we can broaden our experiences and field of vision.

The Key is to know there is no “right” or wrong.

There is simply the song of peace that comes from freedom and trust.

I see you.

I know You.

I love You.

When I judge, I cannot see you and know you and Love you.

We can only see what others allow us to see.

We can only know what our experience and insight and inner vision allows us to know.

We can only connect with what is in our area of awareness and knowledge.

However, we can Love, no matter what.

In all relationships, there is the call for healing.

In all relationships, there is the call to forgive.

In all relationships, there is the opportunity to extend peace.

In all relationships, there is the choice to Love, Trust and Free one another.

All that I give you is given to myself.

What I offer you is a gift to me.

What I perceive in you, I strengthen in myself.

What I teach and share with you, I am learning myself.

Relationships are a gift we give to ourselves what we cannot see and learn alone.

Thanks for being willing to relate to me and to others.

Thanks for being the one who forgive and sees the Light.

Thanks for joining with each one you encounter to Return to Love!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue