Monday, August 23, 2021

Great Relationships


All good relationships begin with Me.

I am willing to be the One to remember Love.

I am willing to let go of trying to get you to be the One.

I know when I am willing, everyone benefits.

Great Relationships Begin with You.

When you have a Great relationship with yourself, great relationships with others come easily.

When you expect others to love you, when you do not love you, you may be disappointed.

When you are tolerant, forgiving, respectful and kind to yourself, you will offer those qualities to others.

When you are Good to you, you are Good to others and they will learn to be Good to you.

You may keep expecting someone else to complete you.

You may want someone else to make you happy and whole.

You may wish your parents and partners had loved you.

You may feel disappointed because you cannot GET the Love your want.

Life happens as we create it, consciously or unconsciously.

Love happens as we give it to ourselves.

When we love ourselves inconsistently, we love others and they love us inconsistently.

When we are not responsible for our own happiness and blame others, they will expect and blame us.

We are all in relationship with ourselves.

When we value bodies, we will be attracted to bodies.

When we value emotions, we will attract emotions and act emotional.

When we value money, we will attract money (and fear lack of whatever we value!).

When we judge our bodies, we judge others bodies and they judge ours.

When we believe emotions tell the truth, we believe our own changeable emotions and others.

When we value money but fear not having money, we may not have money or fear losing what we have.

When we forgive all lack of love and respond with Love to ourselves and others, we trust in Love.

What we judge, blocks the flow.

What we believe, we will see.

What we value (negative or positive) is what we have.

What we forgive, we erase and replace with Love.


Relationships are not created by magic.

Relationships do not work without work.

Relationships are not made somewhere else.

Relationships are not a special gift or curse.

Everything that happens to us happens through us and our thoughts and beliefs.

Everything that we experience is either a gift of love or a call for love.

Most human beings are here to learn to love.

We practice within our human relationships.

When we are not perfect at loving, we are not failures.

We are here to practice and practice makes perfect.

Being patient with ourselves and others requires patience!...and forgiveness!! ….and kindness!!

Love is freedom and trust…..the freedom to practice and the trust to wait for improvement.

Right mindedness sees everyone practicing and wrong-mindedness sees everyone as imperfect.

Forgiving our faulty judgments, learned fears, past mistakes, and misperceptions is key to greatness.

Get over the fairy tales, dependency, expectations and start practicing what it takes for you to love.

Stop feeling sorry or angry or neglected or disappointed or screwed up and just do the work to Love.

Yes, I am patiently impatient with being patient for all of us to get it, so I write it over and over.

You, yes, all of us, can be happy now, if we just stop trying to get happiness from someone else.

You, yes, all of us, can feel loved now, if we just stop trying to make someone love us and love ourselves.

You, yes, all of humanity, can find inner peace now by being at peace with ourselves and humanity.

This is BIG.

You are KEY!

Get to work! 

You go First!

Be what you want to see and experience and enjoy and have and give!

If you can read this, you are capable. 

If you are willing, you have taken the first and most important step!

If you practice everyday with everyone, you can have GREAT RELATIONSHIPS now!

I have a great relationship with you, because I love you and me in loving you!

Betty Lue