Friday, August 27, 2021

Choose for Love


I choose for Love.

I make the decision to Love, only Love.

I forgive and Love anyone who forgets to Love.

I remember Love is what we’re here for.

Love is a Decision I Must Make.

I claim heaven on earth here in me. 

I choose a good life that inspires me everyday in every way.

I create a life of Beauty, Goodness and Wholeness to be joyfully shared.

And so it is, I affirm and declare, I do the work with joy and gratitude.

Could it be, you really can have the life you want?

Those who choose and do what it takes have everything they want.

If we make our beds, watch our mouths and change our attitude, life works easily.

I learned without any resistance to take care of my home, my words and my mind.

It is never too late to learn.

Never too late to change your life.

Never too late to change our words and our work ethic.

Never too late to have the life we want?

Yes, it requires committed focus, practice and willingness to do whatever it takes.

When we are willing, we can have what we want with all our heart and mind.

It requires clearing and cleaning every thought, word or behavior that interferes.

It requires a steadfast daily practice of what is true and good and healthy.

It requires letting go of the stories and disappointment, wishing and hoping.

It seems we are in a time of a quick fixes and short term gratification.

False Belief: A pill, a prayer, a person, a wish, a class, a book will give us what we want.

Where is the work we need to do? 

Where is the intention for the Highest Good?

Where is the research, the learning, cleaning up mistakes and doing the daily work required?

It seems we are in the age of disposing anything we no longer want.

"Easy come, easy go."

If it costs nothing, it must not be valuable.

If it is given to us without working for it, it must not be of real significance.

If things break or get lost, someone will replace them.

If we do not take care of what we have, we can just go get more.

A child explored our home this week and said, “You must be rich.”  

I replied, “ We are rich in Love and Gratitude.”

We take good care of everything we have and so it lasts.  

We use what we have and make it work for us.

We give what we no longer use to others who have need.  

We keep our home clean and orderly and beautiful.

You can do it too, when you love your self and your life.”

If something is of value to you, be grateful.

Take good care of it while it serves you.

What you serve well, will serve you well.

When you value someone, love and serve them well.

The key may be to not take anything we have for granted.

Honor and respect everything you have.

Take care of everything and make it whole and holy.

If you cannot care well for someone or something, let it go to someone who will care for it well.

Allow all things to be loved and used for Good, by sharing them with someone who will.

Create your life, as if every relationship matters.

Create your home, as if everything your have has value to you.

Create your words, as if everything you say is teaching everyone everywhere.

Create your choices, as if everything you do is literally creating the world you live in.

Because it is!!!

Your life matters.

You are making a difference.

Make it positive, helpful and inspiring.

Betty Lue