Saturday, August 28, 2021

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Mind!

Change your thoughts and your change your attitude.

Change your attitude and you change your experience.


I do the work I enjoy and I enjoy the work I do.

Happy thoughts create happy work; Happy work creates happy lives.

I love clearing away everything that is negative and unloving.

Life works for me because I do the Work.

I receive well from everything I give well.

Work More, Enjoy More.

The more you work, the better you feel.

The more you work, the more you create.

The more you work, the more fun you have.

The more you work, the easier life is.

When you are criticizing yourself or others, you are not living your purpose.

When you are envious of others, you are not fulfilling your own life.

When you are feeling sorry for yourself, you are believing someone else will do the work.

When you are experiencing guilt or regret, forgive yourself and do something productive.

Life has the meaning we give it with everything we do.

Work is the way we live the meaning we want.

Work is the reward, not money or fame.

When we do what is true for us, we see ourselves as happy, healthy and successful.

Life works when we do the work.

When you are lazy, complaining, needy or looking for handouts, life doesn’t work for you.

When you are forgetful, ignorant, dependent, careless and thoughtless, life becomes small and sad.

When you act negligent, dependent, irresponsible, apathetic and play “poor me:, life feels hopeless.

It is time to get up early, work hard and go to bed feeling good about the work you have done.

Just like anything you really want, you have to practice and work at it.

Those who have never worked dawn until dusk or later, need to build up endurance.

Those who are used to getting what they want without giving what they have, cannot understand the value of work.

We are a more peaceful, appreciative and inspired society when everyone works.

When we work, we feel better about ourselves.

When we work, we feel capable and valuable.

When we work, our self esteem increases.

When we work, we value life more.

When we work, we are more respectful of others.

When we work, we know we deserve what we have.

When we work, we know we can be helpful.

Anything worth having is worth working for.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Do you work to be the best at what you do?

Do you study, learn, practice, seek teachers and mentors?

Do you encourage yourself to work harder with greater efficiency?

Do you pay attention to what works and what doesn’t work?

Do you appreciate the work you do as you are doing it?

Do you enjoy accomplishing and achieving and fulfilling your goals?

Do you set goals for yourself and do first things first?

Do you spend money that you have earned by working? (not borrowing or begging or getting handouts!)

Do you understand that the happiest and most successful people work hard every day?

Do you recognize what it takes to be successful, happy and healthy?

Are you willing to work at making your life better and the best it can be?

Do you know working for money is not enough motivation?

Do you work for contribution, enjoyment, achievement, expanding your abilities, being of service?

Do you recognize and appreciate people who work hard or criticize them?

Do you admire people who are lazy, dependent and seem to take life for granted?

We all have role models and people we admire.

What we admire, we strengthen within ourselves.

I admire people who work for what they have.

I admire people who are generous with the work they do.

I admire people who are conscientious about what they spend.

I admire people who live on what they have earned.

I admire people who invest in creating a better world.

I admire people who work with inspiration and joy.

I admire people who do what they do because it is their calling.

I admire people who are happy doing the work they do.

People who work hard and smart, prosper.

People who prosper, give more and are happy and grateful to be giving. 

Life is for giving. 

You are the gift. 

 It is in giving the gift You are that You realize the gifts You have.

Working with wisdom and joy and gratitude,

Betty Lue