Sunday, July 25, 2021

Speak Up!


I listen to the voice of Love within me.

I honor the cry for love with kindness and respect.

I trust us each to forgive the places where we hold toxic thoughts and feelings.

I encourage us to speak up always reminding ourselves and others to return to love.

Speak Up for Yourself!

Tell your truth.

Let people know.

Be clear with your words.

Be honest about what is true for you.

Don’t assume anything.

They don’t know unless you tell them.

They don’t hear you unless you speak.

They won’t know you unless you let them know you.

Take nothing personally.

Others need to share their truth.

Others will have different perspectives.

Others may see and say what you cannot perceive.

No one see things the same as another.

No one feels the same as others.

No one can really understand you.

Your thoughts, feelings, ideas and perceptions are unique for you.

When you want others to know you, you must share.

When you attack or judge them with your sharing, they will defend.

When you blame or shame them, they will withdraw or attack you back.

When you share, make sure you are wanting them to care.

When you want others to care, do not harm them with your “truth”.

When you want others to seek understanding, you must be respectful and gentle.

When you want to be heard, make sure you are speaking quietly with kindness.

When you want them to stay, don’t send them away with your anger and hurt.

If you do not freely share what you think and feel, there is a buildup of energy.

Write down your thoughts and feelings, so you don’t dump them on others.

Clear what you have to say, but listen first to yourself.

When your thoughts and words are toxic, clean them up before sharing.

If others might get hurt or scared by your thoughts and feelings, clear them first in healing ways.

Draw them, dance them, sweat them, sing them, write them and dump them in private, before sharing.

It is not appropriate or beneficial to dump toxic thoughts and feelings on others.

It is not appropriate or beneficial to hold toxic material inside of you.

Never make yourself or others sick with negative, destructive or angry thoughts and feelings.

Always take time to listen to: ”What You Can Do?” before you start telling others what to do.

All thoughts and feelings and words come from within us and are for us. 

They are always a call for love for ourselves and others.

Learn to love yourself.

Learn to ask for love in loving ways.

Learn to listen to your needs and fill them yourself.

Learn to listen to others needs and encourage them to be loving too.

I am always listening to me and to you.

I am here to encourage you to love yourself first.

I am your loving reminder to invite you to be gentle and kind to yourself and others.

I love you and want you to remember to always Love you, too.

Loving me and you with a true heart.

Betty Lue