Monday, July 26, 2021

Remember Love!


I remember how wonderful it feels to simply Love.

I love being loving and respectful and kind.

I love being inspired everyday to love even more.

I love sharing all the Love I have inside.

Do You Know How to Love?

Do you remember what love is?

Do you understand how to love you?

Do you allow yourself to love others?

Do you show and share your love?

Love inspires others to love.

Love sets us all free to fully express love.

Love encourages us to open our heart to freely share our love.

Love enjoys loving and being loved fully and freely.

Love may be saying, “I love you.” or giving a loving touch or hug.

Love may be creating a good meal or happy surprise.

Love may be doing something truly helpful for another.

Love can be sitting quietly sharing some special time.

Love may be cleaning up after another when they are tired.

Love may be sending affirming and healing prayer to another.

Love may be thinking good thoughts about times gone by.

Love may be playing a game of cards or reading to another.

Love can be a simple note or phone call just when inspired.

Love can be offering a cup of tea and sitting by the fire.

Love can be cleaning a room or making the bed.

Love can be writing, drawing, singing or creating something beautiful.

Love may look like a genuine smile or a carefree wink.

Love may be unseen or unnoticed by the recipient.

Love may be a gift that you just want to give with all your heart.

Love may be responding to a request or even given anonymously.

Love can be a note in the lunchbox or cookies in the cookie jar.

Love can be a clean house with their special meal on the table.

Love can be the way you say “hello” and listen to what they say.

Love can be turning off the TV and cell phone and just being there.

You will find when you are willing to really Love, you feel good!

You will see that it doesn’t matter to have love come back to you.

You will understand that love asks nothing in return.

Love comes from the heart and is given without conditions or expectations.

Remember to love without jokes or making it embarrassing.

Remember to love just the way you want to feel loved.

Remember to give love that is genuine, without pretense.

Remember to forgive all the ways you have forgotten or neglected Love.

I AM Loving you everyday with everything I think and do and say.

I Love You!

Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love. 

Betty Lue