Wednesday, July 21, 2021



I quickly release all that is not good for me.

I let go of everything I no longer need or want.

I bless the past and release it to the Highest Good.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.

Release Yourself from the Past.

Even yesterday’s memories can be a drag on life.

The pain of yesterday can replay today again and again.

What we store in our minds will recreate like kind.

We can let go and remember right now is what is real.

The more we think about what was, the more it replays in our minds.

The more we replay with thoughts, words and pictures, the more we feel the feelings.

We create a “go to” place like playing a song over and over again.

We press the “replay” button every time we want to remember something.

To be free of past pain is to forgive and erase what was.

To move on requires that we undo what is no longer true.

To release is to let go and not replay the same scene in our minds.

To create a new experience requires us to seek what we desire.

Remembering the good, beautiful and hopeful can be enjoyed over and over.

Appreciating the good in life in our memories is of value to revitalize and feel good.

Valuing what is valuable is a primary way to encourage love within us now.

Re-playing the songs, feelings, experiences we love will instill hope and faith in the future.

The past is truly gone.

Whatever we hang onto is a conscious or unconscious choice.

Some want to understand what happened.

Some want to fix and regain what was.

Some wish they could free themselves.

Some believe what was will always be.

However we frame past experiences is what we believe is true.

Our fixation on what we felt and thought, heard and saw, denies there was something else.

We need to allow our judgments, fears, guilt and blame to be washed away again .

It may take some time to process and clean the stain from our memory.

Conscientiously seek positive memories. 

Replay the good pictures and feelings.

Look forward to what will be by releasing the story.

Stop telling and retelling what is painful and no longer here.

Forgive yourself for hurting yourself with pain.

Forgive yourself for continuing to blame the past.

Affirm you can release and let go and allow Goodness in your life.

Renew your mind by focusing on what you truly desire.

If you need a process:

Write down everything you still judge, fear, hate, or causes pain.

Give it your blessings as you release it all with throwing it away.

I release everything to be used for good.

Loving us in living for today at peace with what is.

Betty Lue