Thursday, July 22, 2021

Enjoy Being Responsible!


I am open and willing to learn from everyone and everything.

I let go of what does not work and choose again for what does.

I trust my life is a learning experience and I learn easily.

I teach, share and live what I want my life to be.

You are Responsible for Your Own Happiness!

You are responsible for your own happiness.

You are responsible for your own health.

You are responsible for your own success.

You are responsible for your own life.

You are responsible for everything you experience.

You have asked for it and receive as you have asked.

You have created it with your own thoughts, words and activities.

You have allowed yourself to believe what is not true.

What we learn from childhood often becomes the truth we believe.

We buy the stories we are told by others and the media.

We let life experiences teach us to place blame.

We feel weak, victimized and unsupported because we fear being responsible.

What does it take to respond to everything we experience in a learning way?

What can we do to stop trying to get someone else to take the blame?

How can we succeed with health and happiness when we wait for someone else?

Who really can understand best what we need and want and can do?

Only you can know what is best for you.

Only you can learn by paying attention to you.

Only you can stop doing what does not work for you.

Only you can take impeccable care for you.

Life is not complicated or a mystery.

It requires being present and paying attention.

It shows us clearly what works and does not work.

It gives us immediate feedback about our choices and outcomes.

We can rush by and ignore what we feel and hear and see.

We can complain about what we did and our history.

We can judge others and mind their business instead of ours.

We can wish it would shift so we can be happy and wait and see.


When a strategy does not work, we need to stop and choose again.

When we rely on something that does not come through, we need to see it is ours to do.

When we lie in wait and hesitate, we get lost in confusion and doubt so nothing turns out.

When play small, inadequate and unlucky, we need to get we are responsible for what we believe.

Yes, it is true, the thoughts and beliefs we hold always show up in our everyday history.

Yes, it is obvious the words we use teach others how we feel about them and come back on us.

Yes, it is clear our behavior shows either love or fear for which we are responsible and receive.

Yes, we are responsible for how we think, talk about and treat ourselves.

Happiness and true success come from our own thoughts, words and actions. 

We can choose what we truly want.

We can choose to be happy and healthy.

We can choose to be successful when we are able to respond to all things with gratitude and love.

Loving being the one who is responsible for my own life.

Betty Lue