Sunday, June 27, 2021

Heal and Empower Yourself!


I forgive myself for neglecting to choose, use and appreciate the Good I have.

I choose to think, speak and act on what I value in my life.

I appreciate myself for always remember to use my empowering tools.

I celebrate sharing all the Good I know and use and give.

Forgiveness, Choice and Gratitude!

Forgiveness, Choice and Gratitude three skills empower us.

Forgiveness clears the past.

Choice creates what you want.

Gratitude enhances the Good.

If you mastered these three, you would find your life is good everyday.

If you remember these three, you would always have a way to be happy.

If you practiced these three, your life would be fun, safe and easy.

If you utilized what you know to be true, you would trust in the life you have.

We have been three powerful tools for healing, learning, growth.

We need to explore and find how they work for us with our daily application.

We must stop wishing for quick fixes or magic and use the tools we have.

We need to understand our life vocation is to use what works for our Good.

Take time daily to practice.

With practice what is hard becomes easier.

With practice what we forget is remembered.

With practice we see the beneficial outcome.

When we take for granted what we already know, we may become inconsistent.

When we believe we have “been there and done that”, we often stop practicing.

When we don’t allow ourselves to trust enough to do what is good, we never have good results.

When we just mock or make fun of practical spiritual tools, we confuse and neglect ourselves.

Give what is good a fair chance and practice.

Even without belief or trust, what is good can work.

We are provided with all good for our benefit.

When we are open and willing to use it, we experience positive results.

Forgiveness is a simply eraser filled with love.

As we forgive we let go of what was and are available for what is.

As we allow ourselves to even say and write the words, we are releasing the thoughts.

The process of forgiveness is teaching our minds to easily and quickly delete.

Choice is the opportunity we all have to choose what we prefer.

Choose goodness, health and happiness if we prefer and it will be ours.

When we choose to speak or think about the bad stuff, sickness or unhappiness, it will be ours.

Where we place our time, money and energy, we are creating with our choice.

Gratitude and appreciation are the ways we expand what we value.

When we express our thanks, give praise and celebrate we literally create more.

We expand what we have that we value with how we think and talk and behave.

It is essential that we are conscious of how powerful gratitude really is.

Use these powerful tools to create the life you really value.

Loving you as you practice for 30 days and see the miraculous difference.

Betty Lue