Monday, May 10, 2021

The Past


The past is gone: it is not here.

I release all that is not wholly true and loving.

I forgive myself for clinging to what has no value.

I release and let go, allowing Love to lead my life.

The Past Has Passed.

The past is not here.

The past is behind us.

The past lives in us only in our mind.

The past is the story we keep repeating.

The past repeats itself only when we keep it in our minds.

Whatever we hold in our energy field, we will repeat.

What we perceive in others, we strengthen in ourselves.

When we refuse to take out the trash, our life stinks.

Many have learned when you forget the past you are doomed to repeat it.

Like many other common myths, what you remember you are sure to repeat.

What we hold in our mind, we create like in kind.

We tend to copy the thoughts and feelings, relationships and mistakes, until we forgive them.

To clear the past sets us free to create a new future.

To hold on to our own mistakes, we will often repeat them until we relinquish our judgment.

We need to free ourselves from looking backwards and thinking we are moving forward.

Life is meant to teach us how to let of the past and choose again for our future.

The body takes in nourishment and releases what is not healthy and good.

The mind takes in learning and needs to release what is not healthy and good.

When we hold on to anything unhealthy and not right and good, we forget ourselves and our purpose.

When we cling to what is harmful and dramatic and not right, we lose our healthy mind.

Life is learning to discern what is good for us and what is not.

When anyone, anything, any experience is not healthy, stop participating.

When we keep trying to make something work for us by conning ourselves, we are teaching not to trust.

When we realize we are here to give only the best to ourselves, we must make wise healthy choices.

The past can teach us what to choose in the future.

The past can show us what to avoid and not choose.

The past can give us insight to our own errors of omission and commission.

The past can teach us what we want to nurture and provide for ourselves today.

To learn from the past is not to hang on to the story, but receive the gifts of wisdom.

To benefit from the past is to become stronger and wiser and more aware.

To honor the past with forgiveness and blessings is to release what was as a gift of greater awareness.

To remember the past is to hold in our heart what has value, gratitude and happy memories.

Let go of what is done.

Recognize what you learned.

Value what brings wisdom.

Bless what needs healing.

Loving us right now as we are,

Betty Lue