Wednesday, May 12, 2021



The only mistake we ever make, is when we forget to Love.

I choose to be love and see love in everyone.

Love is Who I AM and Why I came to be.

Love is my natural state and I allow my Love to flow.

No Matter What, Love!

Love those who forget to love.

Love the ones who judge and compare.

Love those who hurt others.

Love the ones who dare.

Love the rich and the poor.

Love the in between.

Love those who fear a lot.

And love those who seem really mean.

Everyone is healed with love.

Everyone who is lost can be found.

Everyone can wake up to love.

Everyone must find their own holy ground.

Love the ignorant and unconscious ones.

Love the ones who fear love too.

Love the ones who don’t want your love.

This is the fear of love shining through.

The ways to love matter not.

It is the love we share.

Give love with your heart and mind.

Love is allowing everyone to care.

Love is not special.

Love is what is true.

Love cannot be described or explained.

Love is simply allowing you to be you.

Live love by giving love.

Be happy and be free.

Allow your love to all you do.

Bring love to everyone you see.

Love can feel happy.

Love can feel sad.

Love can feel frustrated, too.

You know your Love by what you feel with everything you do.

“Give Love and let it Show.

Give Love and let it Grow.

Give Love and you will Know.

Doing what comes naturally”.

(A song I wrote many years ago.)

Loving you in Living and Giving Love,

Betty Lue