Saturday, May 22, 2021



I learn from everyone.

Everything I think and do and say teaches.

What I value is what I have.

I want only what I value.

Everyone Is Our Teacher


Everyone and everything is our teacher.

Every experience is a learning opportunity.

With our eyes wide open and our mind open too, we will know the lessons.

We will know the truth.


Everything is our teacher.

Whether sick or well, sleeping or awake, sad or happy, everyone is offering a lesson to learn.

We can react with fear or respond with love.

This is our lesson, to choose our  valued way.

What do we value?

To be happy or depressed?

What do we want?

To be grateful or mad?


How much do we care?

A little or a lot?

How much do we dare?

To give nothing or all?

We have a choice for each person and place.

We can choose to reach out or withdraw.

We have a gift to be given or withheld.

We have words to be shared or concealed.


With each encounter we can embrace.

With each person we can see a beautiful face.

Our heart open wide we know when and how to give.

With a heart true to love, we trust just how and where to live.


This is our time to decide what it will be.

Are we here to help others or look our for just me?

Do we respond from our hearts or contract in our fear?

Are we ready to give love or hold back what is clear?


Life shows us our lessons.

Some how we know.

This is a choice.

To let our love show.


Hold back nothing .

You find there is more.

Give all to all for goodness sake.

Our love we restore.

Let us learn to Love no matter what.

Love is freedom to let go and to allow.

Love is trust to care and to share.

Love without ceasing.


Loving you, 

Betty Lue