Friday, May 21, 2021

Feel to be Real!


I allow my feelings to flow.

My feelings flow to lead me to healing.

Healing myself is healing my world.

I trust my feelings lead be back to Living with Love.

Time to Feel It All!

Full of love for Life!

I feel grief for what was.

I feel grateful for what is.

I feel curious about what will be.

When we are full, we need to be with what we feel.

When we are empty, we need to wait to be filled.

When we are filling, we need to appreciate the feelings.

When we are feeling, we need to honor the feelings.

We feel in order to heal.

We heal in order to fill.

We fill in order to live.

We live in order to give.

Life is for feeling and healing, living and giving.

When we allow ourselves to feel what we want, we begin to heal.

When we want to heal, we begin to live.

When we want to live, we start giving.

Love is all of this and so much more.

Love is the way we know our feelings.

Love is the essence of our healing.

Love is how we live abundantly and naturally giving.

During times of chaos and uncertainty, let yourself feel.

During times of loss and grief, let yourself be real.

During times of difficulty and doubt, allow yourself to feel.

When we know the pain, anxiety, fear and worry of loss, respect the feelings.

Be gentle with yourself.

Be good to yourself.

Be grateful for yourself.

Be present with yourself.

Remember Love and you will return to Wholeness.

This is the path of Re Union.

Reunion with your Self.

Reunion with your Source.

Reunion with Others.

Loving you and me and everyone as One,

Betty Lue