Sunday, April 04, 2021

Easter Loving Reminder


Today is my Easter, the remembering of  essential innocence.

Now it the moment in which I seek and see only Love.

This is my gift to myself and all of us as I live the freedom and trust I have.

I thank the Light within me for showing me I am Whole.

What Was TheTeaching?

Stages we may experience in Life:

  • Humiliation
  • Condemnation
  • Forgiveness
  • Renewal
  • Inspiration

How do we handle humiliation, pain and abuse in life?

  • Drama or Responsibility?
  • Reacting with Fear or Responding with Love.
  • Condemning or Learning?
  • Suffering or Healing?
  • Laying Down or Standing Up?
  • Dissension or Ascension?

Have you ever been falsely judged?

Have you been attacked, abused, bullied or betrayed?

Have you been condemned for no good or earthly reason?

And what did you do?

Did you cower, complain or run away?

Did you quit, resent, hold resentment and fear?

Did you attack back, get even or withhold love?

Did anything heal that wound, rejection or pain?

Did you respond with Love?

Did you learn how to heal?

Did you Stop the Drama and move on?

Did you rise up and live happy and free again?

What if we stop teaching guilt and sin and victimization?

What if we start teaching forgiveness and Goodness and Freedom?

What if we seek always and only to love again and again and again?

What if we remember that we are the Light of the World?

A child of Goodness is who we are!

We are filled with Joy, when we are forgiving and forgiven.

The Light comes, when we have forgiven.

The Dawn awakens us, when we remember the Joy within.

The Blessings Already Are, when we blow the clouds of darkness away.

The Good is here and now, when we relinquish our need to hold grievances and complaints.

When we clear the fear, we hold no blocks to the awareness of love in us and all.

We are the ones who are here to remember to rise up, step up, listen and lift up all humanity.

Are you willing to forgive all things?

Are you open to not hurt and see no harm?

Are you able to clear all hatred, judgment and fear?

Can you choose to erase what seemed to happen and see the call for Love instead?

The Innocent see nothing but the Love which always remains.

This is our healing and Holy choice.

This is the time is to erase guilt and blame.

We are here to clear the darkness of our judgment and fear.

Be whole and relinquish all limitations today.

Rise up and live new again.

Forgive yourself and be free to see and be only Love.

Loving us all as we awaken in Love, together.

Betty Lue

Free yourself to be new again.

Learn to let go with love and gratitude.