Monday, April 05, 2021



I am here to be truly helpful.

I am here to remember the Presence of Love.

I need not doubt or fear that Love is here.

I am willing to consistently be a Loving Reminder for everyone!

Awakening to Who You Are 

Are you awake yet?

Do you know your true Self?

Do you listen to your own inner Voice?

Do you honor what is right and Good for You?

When you are sleeping thru life, you will not accomplish what you are called to have, be and do.

When you allow yourself to let everyone else distract, disappoint and delay you, you will fall short.

When you avoid being totally responsible for your life choices, you will lose yourself in guilt and blame.

When you let depression take over with self medication, laziness and apathy, you will neglect and forget.

Life at its best is work.

The work of life is rewarding.

The work of life is enjoyable.

The work of life creates success.

The work reveals the mental limitations and faulty thinking that create failure.

Failures show us what we may not want to see and refuse to believe.

Addictions cloud our consciousness and conscientious work required to succeed.

Excuses, justifications and victimization sets us up to sit back and wait for help.

The help we need is ourselves.

The help we seek is changing our mind

The help that works is to develop a positive attitude.

The help that empowers us is to let go of everything that blocks our self trust.

When we roll away the illusions, myths, fantasies and failures, we can see the light.

In the light we see Who We Really Are.

We come to see our unlimited potential.

We awaken to what is possible for us.

The work required is to clear the clouds.

The work required is to stay awake.

The work required is to change our attitude.

The work required is to forgive all the ways we have let ourselves fail. 

Many fall asleep on the job of living.

Many wait to get help instead of giving. 

Many are distracted by unconscious complaining.

Many assume others make them fail.

Until we take full and total responsibility for what we see and believe, we are stuck.

Until we own our own lack of choice or limiting beliefs, we cannot choose freedom.

Until we lift the veil of unconscious faulty and victim consciousness, we cannot forgive and choose again.

Until we make the choice to love, trust, honor and appreciate our authentic Self, we will stay asleep.

Wake up. 

Be responsible.

Make good choices.

Enjoy your life.

Betty Lue