Tuesday, March 23, 2021

What To Do?


I listen within and know what to do.

I listen to my heart and know what to say.

I care for myself as Love cares for me.

I help myself by helping others.

When You Don’t Understand….

When no one comes, what do you do?

When no one listens, what do you say?

When no one cares, where do you go?

When no one helps, where do you find healing?

Life offers opportunities to choose for ourselves.

When we rely on others to understand, we may feel betrayed.

When we count on the world for support, we may feel alone.

When we have trusted someone who is no longer there, we may feel abandoned.

Why does no one call?

Why do others walk away?

Why are we left out?

Why can we not find our way?

Some times life seems to be a puzzle.

Sometimes friends step aside. 

Sometimes choices are in a muddle.

At times only in prayer we must abide.

Lost, sad and afraid.

Aware of mistakes we have made.

Not know what to do.

We simply need to trust in YOU.

Time to polish off our faith.

Time to forgive and undo.

Time to take Love inside.

Time to begin to renew.

The past is gone.

We cannot redo.

We can begin again.

We can let go and see all things new.

Yes, life has a way of cleaning out the new.

Life gives us opportunities over and over.

We can try and try and try again.

We can learn again until the end.

Loving you and me as we allow ourselves to trust in healing, growth and new creations.

We are all the same.  

We are in this together.

Love abides no matter what.

Betty Lue