Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Self Questioning and Doubt?


When in doubt, I choose to trust in Love.

When in fear, I choose Peace.

When in questions, I choose to remember Love in us all.

I am here to be happy and truly helpful.

Self Questioning and Doubt

Life offers opportunities to doubt what is true.

Experiences offer times to question ourselves.

Remembering what is true is a life work.

Trusting answers live within each one of us is essential to inner peace.

Egos judge egos.

People teach fear.

Fear begets doubt and defenses.

Personalities question each other.

Learning to trust in Good is the key to sanity.

Take time to heal what hurts.

Bring peace to inner conflicts.

Trust the intention to Love.

When we know we are on the right path, we are happy.

When we feel safe within ourselves, we are in trust.

When we choose what is good, we are peaceful.

When we forgive all judgment and fear, we are in Love.

Life choices are simple in reality.

Personality makes all things complex.

Thoughts flood us with fear and doubt.

Inner peace brings silence and safety within.

 I have experienced what is probably true of all humanity.

A brief period of fear and doubt that I may have made a mess I cannot clean up.

In this I find humanity claiming judgment is necessary to choose.

I see people fighting over right and wrong and not listening to the voice of Love.


When I could not sleep with many thoughts. I sought to clear my mind.

When I write down all that is moving through, I find solace as I hear the Truth.

When I hear the Truth, I rest in God and the Good.

When I rest, my mind and body rest in the Love within.

I rely on Love and begin to create again.

I create what is whole and true and loving.

I remember that Love is not special, but Healing and Holy for all.

I remind myself to be not conformed to the world.

I am transformed by the renewal of all Good for All.

What is the Highest and Best for All Concerned.

I do not know and so I listen within.

I cannot give what I do not have and so I bring Peace to me,

Peace be with us now and always.


Remember Love and Return to Wholeness and Holiness.

Betty Lue


When in doubt and fear, I too must come home to what is True.

See below the musings of my questioning mind.

Faith emerges from the darkness of discontent.

I fall into Love again in the Light of Inner Truth.

Inner Listening for myself.

Why am I doubting?

What do I fear?

Have I lost my senses?

Am I seeing what I have conjured up for myself?

I choose to be happy and free.

I choose to love you and love me.

I choose to be clear and concise.

I choose to stay true to the Love in you.

Do I trust in the Good within?

Do I remember the Truth in me?

Do I listen to my inner voice?

Do I honor who I AM and my purpose here?

How shall I clear the fear?

Forgive all things.

Be innocent and true.

Love everyone loving everyone.

Step away from the fight.

Stop trying to be right.

Step into the Light.

Speak out with Delight.

Stop doubting your self.

Believe what you know is true.

Join all the children of God.

Have faith in the Love in You.

You can let fear win.

You can allow your mind to feel weak.

You can relinquish you way and your will.

You can give up the path to God.

This hurts and confuses the mind.

This leads to be unkind to you. 

Stop trying so hard.

Play in your own backyard.

You cannot please everyone.

So Please the Good in you.

Forgive your self doubt.

To Thine Own Self be True.

Am I so different than the others around me?

Am I teaching what is wrong and not right?

Have I given my power to ego?

Have I forsaken what is right?

Lord, make me an instrument of your Peace.

You are safe.

You are loved.

You are good.  

You are whole.

And so I release the insanity of the doubting mind.

I rest in God.

I protect my rest by loving.