Monday, February 08, 2021



I am sorry for the pain, conflicts and problems in the world.

I forgive myself for any way that I contribute to what is not good for all.

I seek to find a better way for all to free themselves from disharmony.

I choose to give the very best I know and have and do to you.


I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

I Love You.

Thank You.

“Ho O Pono Pono”

When there are errors of commission or omission, why not apologize?

When someone is sick or hurting, why not say you are sorry?

When life is not working well with communication, why not apologize?

When problems arise within your realm of relationship, why not acknowledge your sensitivity?

While there appears to be nothing we can do to change the circumstances, we can still apologize.

Apologies means we care.

Apologies mean that we feel for another and with another.

Apologies are our best way of sharing and showing our concern.

When you say you are sorry, be willing to actually mean it.

When you acknowledge that you feel for the other, you are demonstrating that you are with them.

When you talk with others as you want to be spoken to, you will feel greater connection.

When you reach out with feelings and words, you will begin to see your part in the healing.

There is healing to be done in all relationships.

We are here to help one another  and heal ourselves.

When we truly listen to another’s grief, pain, anger or upset, we can relate with sincerity.

When we listen to one another deleting our own judgments, we can see how we fit.

We are the same, you and I.

We are in this worldly circumstance together.

When we notice our connection, we can feel and reveal what we need to heal.

When we choose to be separate, we stay disconnected and dis-ease remains.

I am with you in Spirit, because we are One in Truth.

I am with you in this life, because we can be truly helpful to one another.

I am with you through these Reminders, because I am giving you what I have received.

I am with you in consciousness, because I want us all to remember our wholeness and Holiness.

I am here to be happy and share my happiness with others.

I am here to be truly helpful, so that we all know we are not alone.

I am here to be peaceful, so I can extend my peace to all humanity.

I am here to be a loving reminder, so we never forget we are loved.

Loving you and me gratefully, 

Betty Lue