Monday, October 05, 2020

Let Us Heal


I forgive myself for neglecting to heal myself.

I now choose to the peace of Goodness, wholeness and Love.

I seek to heal any and all blocks to Love.

I love myself just as I am.


Let Us Heal.

Let us heal our hearts.

Let us heal our minds.

Let us heal ourselves.

Let us heal one another.

What is happening?

Are we so captured by fear that we forsake our love?

Are we so consumed by protecting ourselves that we lose our humanity?

Are we so polarized that we have forgotten to love everyone?

There is healing in forgiving.

There is faith in loving.

There is light within us.

We must awaken and remember to care.

And what do you really care about?

What do you really want to share?

Have you declared your love for those you love?

Have you allowed others to feel how much you care?

It is the crisis point.

These are the crossroads for you and I.

We must attend to the hearts of humanity.

We can change our minds and find peace.

We have been shown how to rise about the pain.

We have been told how to heal ourselves.

We have been given the path to return to wholeness.

We have been asked to stop dividing and start deciding to love one another.

Love those who love.

Love those who fear.

Love those who care.

Love those who are hiding.

Love those who are seeking. 

Love those who are lost.

Love those who do not know.

Love those who are leading.

Love those who follow.

Love those who are with you .

Love those who are against you.

Love those you have feared.

Love those you do not know.

Love for the sake of Loving.

Loving you and me and all.

Betty Lue