Thursday, September 26, 2019

Take Nothing Personally

I listen with respect and gratitude to others.
I respond with kindness and love.
I forgive myself for letting anyone hurt me.
I always give my best to others.

Take Nothing Personally

What if you believe everything is personal.
What if you think your world is a reflection of you.
What if you see what you want to believe.
Is everything or nothing personal?

Could you be attracting to you those unconscious thoughts, beliefs and fears you have?
Are you selectively remembering what is a lesson for you to learn?
Is it possible that your are creating the experiences you want to have?
Are you open and willing to learn from everything and everyone?

When we review our life path and process, we begin to see repeating experiences.
When we are open to see what the meaning is for the experiences we have, we notice past similars.
When we review what is ours to see and learn from, we trust that everything can be useful.
We begin to notice everything works together for our own best interest.

With an open mind we notice that we are not victims of our past.
We are learning from every experience that we can reveal and heal our past misperceptions.
We are willing to see without fear and judgment and let go with our blessings.
What we carry around for years, becomes toxic and distorts our perceptions.

Ask if what is said and done is a gift of learning for you.
Ask if what is said and done is merely a need to release for the other.
Ask it what others do and say is them telling what they need to heal.
Ask if you are to simply delete and move on or actively respond with healing love.

There are so many opportunities for you to respond to yourself and others.
You can react with fear and judgment, avoidance and resentment.
These experiences will stick to you and stay around as toxic memories.
You can respond with forgiveness and delete them,  or simply extend love and understanding.

What you do, will always come back to you.
What you give, you will receive again in your life.
Dare to do and give what you want to receive.
Give forgiveness and love and your will receive forgiveness and Love.

Our work here is to learn how to heal ourselves.
When we project our woundedness onto others, we hurt.
When we offer true forgiveness and love, we feel healed.
Learning to let go of taking on others pain is key to our healing.

Learn to flush all that is toxic and resentful.
Learn to translate what is projected as an opportunity to heal.
Learn to change what you judge to what you want to remember.
Learn to love yourself fully no matter what and your love for others will increase.

Life is for giving. 
You are the gift.
It is in giving your Love that you realize the Love You Are.

I am loving you with gratitude and peace.
Betty Lue

By Don Miguel Ruiz

  1. Make No Assumptions.
  2. Keep Your Agreements.
  3. Take Nothing Personally.
  4. Always Give Your Best.