Friday, September 27, 2019

Listen and Learn

I choose to believe what is inspiring and encourages the best in us.
I listen with an open-mind and believe what is trustworthy.
I learn who and what to trust by listening within.
I watch, listen and learn to what brings more love and joy and peace.

Listen and Learn!

I have the privilege of hearing many people, young and old, believe what others say.
I notice that many believe what they read, see and hear without checking the facts.
Our youth are often misguided by what is shown on u tube, in movies and from books.
We all must begin to check ourselves for what we choose to believe.

Believing is seeing!
We have often said “seeing is believing”.
Yet now we actually sell, teach, and proselytize what to believe.
While we have many resources to check facts, we often bypass in favor of just being convinced.

When we believe someone or something, we have a tendency to prove ourselves right.
The mind convinces us to seek supporting evidence without regard to rational research.
Perhaps we are ignorant, gullible and lazy about looking further for the actual evidence.
Consider encouraging yourself and your children to questions what they believe and buy.

Scientists are continually looking further and finding more than they knew existed.
Children believe in fairy tales, Santa Claus and unlimited amounts of money from parents.
Young adults sometimes believe visioning and willing for what they believe is enough.
Our culture seems to believe using credit and then bankruptcy will be OK for them.

Where is the rational and practical teaching and behavior of times before media?
How can we encourage asking questions before we believe someone or something.
Are we able to discern a lie, a half truth, a made up fact or a something made to scare us?
Recently a smart fifth grader tried to convince me with “facts” that “zombies” are real.

What does it take for you to buy a commercial?
How do you judge who to believe?
Who do you know what you can trust?
When everyone is preaching their own beliefs, what will you believe?

Facts are facts.
Beliefs are beliefs.
Truth is in the mind of the beholder.
Everyone will tend to convince themselves of what they want to believe.

How do you find or create what you believe?
What is the purpose for the beliefs you hold?
When do you question and what do you seek?
How can you feel safe and confident when the facts change?

My choice is to listen with an open mind.
My recommendation is to learn from everything.
My work is to forgive what is not helpful or inspiring for me.
Your work is to decide how you want to use what you think, hear and believe you see.

These are interesting times to learn to trust yourself from your own inner Guidance.
Encouraging you to discern what you want to learn and believe,
Betty Lue

“Life is for learning.
Education leads out of ignorance.
The more we learn, the more we know.
The more we know, the better our resources.
The more  resources, the more choice we have.”
The more choices, the more enjoyable life can be.”