Monday, July 01, 2019

Children Deserve Our Best!

I treat every child with respect, trust and love.
I treat everyone as I want to treated.
I demonstrate by my behavior and words what is the best I know.
I take impeccable care of myself so I am able to respond to everyone with my best love and wisdom.

What Do You Want Children to Learn?

Children learn from what they feel, see and hear.
Children copy the authority figures around them.
Children make up the world they see is what they will be.
Children learn from everything they experience in their world.

Adults learn from what they feel, see and hear.
Adults copy or rebel from the authority figures around them.
Adults make up the world they see and hear is what they will be.
Adults learn from everything they experience in their world.

When we trust what seems to be is what will be, we allow what we experience to define us.
When we believe what we hear on TV, gossip, stories, books, teachers, we make it our Truth.
When we doubt what we hear on TV, gossip, stories, books and teachers, we become able to choose.
Learning what is real is only a point of view, an interpretation or one truth, and may generate new ideas.

To be conscious, we must feel free to choose from all possibilities.
When we are afraid or feel unsafe, we may find only one way is right.
When we know we are able to choose a better way, we feel happy and free.
When we are threatened or demanded to only be one way, we may feel limited.

Conscious parenting requires us to show our children how to make healthy decisions.
Conscious parenting invites us to relook at what we really want for our children.
Conscious parenting asks that we observe what works for each child.
Conscious parenting shows us that we make mistakes which we can correct.

There are many ways to parent.
There are many differences in children.
There are opportunities to learn about a variety of parenting styles.
For each parent and child there may be many different good choices.

To generate trust, we must be trustworthy.
To teach children to be honest, parents must be honest.
To teach children to be happy, parents must be happy.
To teach children to be healthy, the parents must be healthy.

Children pay attention and copy their elders.
Children play “make believe” to try out different ways to live and work.
Children learn how to be loving and kind or fearful and unkind from the adults in their world.
Children speak as they are spoken to by the adult guides.

We each owe the next generation our very best behavior, respectful words and positive thinking.
We are teaching them when they feel rewards and disciplined, love and punished.
They are listening to our conversations with others and with one another.
They usually trust that if we are their parents, we must be doing things correctly.

Let us give them better examples of language, relationship, handling money and work.
Be the role model you really want for the children and people in your life.
I expect us all to demonstrate our best behavior with those we encounter, especially our kids.

Loving every child and seeing in them unlimited potential,
Betty Lue

From Dr. Wayne Dyer

•           Value Themselves
•           Be Risk Takers
•           Self-Reliance
•           Freedom from Stress and Anxiety
•           Have Peaceful Lives
•           Celebrate Present Moments
•           Experience a Lifetime of Wellness
•           Creativity
•           Fulfill Their Higher Needs
•           Feel A Sense of Purpose
YOU must Demonstrate / Model:

• The ability to enjoy life.

• Be a positive example.

• Clarify what you know and how you feel.

• Be expressive (Feel–Want–Willing)

Average children do things right.
No limit children do the right thing.

1.         You must model self-respect.
2.         Treat each child as a unique individual.
3.         A child is not his actions.
4.         Provide opportunities to be responsible and make decisions.
5.         Teach enjoyment of life each day.
6.         Provide praise rather than criticism.
7          We become what we think about. Our thinking determines our self-image.

1.         Encourage children to be risk-takers rather than always taking the safe road.
2.         Discourage children from all self put downs.
3.         Reduce emphasis on external measures of success.
4.         Work at reducing whining and complaining behavior.
5.         Encourage excitement about everything in life.
6.         Encourage children to choose independence rather than dependence.
7.         Teach children to be non-judgmental.
8.         Encourage children to be honest with themselves.
9.         Be aware in the importance of appearance to young people.
10.       Encourage healthy thinking.
11.       Catch children doing something right. Remind them of how terrific they are.
12.       Treat children as total and complete, now.
13.       Hold them, touch them, kiss them.
14.       Listen carefully to your children.
15.       Give them opportunities to be unique.
16        Encourage their friends to “hang out” at your home.
17.       Read aloud with them at all ages.
18.       Be involved in their age-related activities.