Sunday, June 30, 2019

Families Matter

I Love as I feel loved.
I Love to remember the Love I AM.
I dare to care to heal myself.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more I love, trust and respect others.

Families Matter

Everyone is important.
We are born to be with those who need our Love.
We are here to heal what is not healthy, happy or loving.
We need not stay in situations that are harmful or hurtful.

From a distance we can often love more easily.
When we are alone we can more likely heal the fear.
When we forgive, we can see things more clearly.
When we are aware, we can understand, accept and love.

Families are the place we want to feel safe.
Families are to bring us into conscious connection.
Families are where we desire to nurture and be nourished.
Families are meant to be where we are protected and provided for.

When our family of origin is unsafe, we may not learn to love.
When families don’t nurture or protect us, we may not know how to nurture and protect ourselves.
When families become the place of criticism, blame and shame, we learn to do it to ourselves and others.
Family is our first school of learning from conception.

What we learn within our family system is often preverbal and therefore unconscious.
What we learn prior to going to school stays with us for a lifetime.
The false beliefs and fears and negative experiences in early child hood, shape our perceptions.
Limiting beliefs and faulty thinking become the distortion of our perceptions.

We can heal and clarify, forgive and undo, what is not true.
We can erase from our lives judgments, criticism, shame.
We can let go and learn to love ourselves.
As we love and forgive others, we learn to love and forgive ourselves…….and vice versa.

Life is for giving.
We are the gift.
It is in giving our selves that we realize the Gift We Are.
You Are the Gift of Love and so Am I.

Remember Love All the time and return to Wholeness.
We heal all brokenness with Love.
We remember our Authentic Self with Trust.
We return to our Natural State of Loving Kindness when we forgive.

We can love from a distance and heal within our heart.
We can release the past and begin again each day to remember Love.
We can undo the fear and be clear about what is Good for us.
We can choose to Love everyone as your Family of Humanity.

You are my family.
You are a part of me.
You see what we can be.
When we’re in Love.

Betty Lue