Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Who Knows?

It takes One to know One.
I listen to myself and honor what I know.
I love myself and am true to myself.
I listen, respect, honor and care for myself.

Who Really Knows?

Who really knows what is right or wrong?
Who really knows what you actually want?
Who really knows what you should do?
Who really knows what is best for you?

No one knows better than you know.
Experts know what they know.
Doctors, therapists, psychics know what they know.
Everyone knows within the limits of their own experience.

You know yourself better than anyone, if you care to listen.
You know what is right and wrong.
You know what you really want.
You know what is best for you.

Take time to be with yourself.
Listen to what your body needs.
Listen deeply to what your thoughts tell you.
Listen to what you emotions are asking for.

When you listen deeply in a consistent way, you can hear what is there.
When undistracted by what everyone and everything else is telling you, you can listen to YOU.
When you make time to be still and listen you will hear the answers to your own questions.
When you are willing to write down your questions and your inner answers, you will hear.

You know what brings up fear.
You know what brings you peace.
You know what opens your heart.
You know what closes your mind.

You know what rings true.
You know what is good for you.
You know right from wrong.
You know what brings laughter and song.

You know when something does not digest well.
You know when you feel energized and alive.
You know when you feel happy and free.
You can know what you hear, feel and see.

Trust in what you know.
Choose always what is the best you know.
Blessings of Goodness.
Betty Lue