Sunday, June 09, 2019

Love More!

Love created me as Love for the purpose of Loving.
I am free and trusting me with the Love I AM.
Life works as I easily give and receive Love.
Love is what I came here for.

How Can I Love More?

How can I learn to love more?
What blocks my love from being received?
What interferes with me loving myself?
How can I free myself to give and receive Love?

Love heals me.
Love frees me.
Love inspires me.
Love makes my world go round.

Love is why I came.
Love is my Holy Name.
Love is the way I thrive.
Love keeps me alive.
Love makes my world go round.

How can I trust more?
How can I listen within?
How do it forgive the past?
How will Love really last?
Love makes my world go round.

Loving is a fine art.
Love is the place I start.
No longer is resistance
I find my true substance.

Love is my secret weapon.
When all else fails, I return to Love.
When I don’t know what to do.
I simply and gently just love you.

The heart opens and we all fall in love again.
The mind is quiet and we all play in love again.
The body softens and the hurt goes away.
Love is the way we stay and simply enjoy.

Love needs nothing to be done.
It really is all barriers to be undone.
Forgive the fears and doubt.
Let the goodness and kindness come out.

Love makes our world go round.
We are here to love each other, sister and brother.
I am always and forever loving you.
Betty Lue

Always give your best.
Demonstrate your love (with positive words, affection, undivided time, gifts, service)
Listen and learn what is most respected and helpful.
Observe what is received with gratitude.
Step away when you are not your best and renew yourself.
Give only with gratitude and joy (no sacrifice or self denial)
Trust others are giving their best.
Always inspired the best in others.
Believe and see the Love within.
Trust each one is learning how best to love.
Free yourself and others to love unconditionally.
Forgive all mistakes or withholds.
Learn to love them anyway.