Saturday, May 18, 2019

Staying Inspired!

I am inspired by the good life I have created with my spiritual partner and best friend, Robert.
I free and trust myself to transform my life as it pleases me.
I appreciate how I attend to the quality of my life.
I affirm, “My Life is Fun, Safe and Easy”, when I listen within to what  I am guided to be and do.

“Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” Romans 12:2


Are You Inspired?

Do you wake up happy?
Are you filled with energy?
Do you feel enthusiastic about anything?
What motivates you to do something?

Pay attention to when you are truly happy with yourself.
Notice what feels right and good for you.
Bring your favorite people, things and activities into your life.
Celebrate and appreciate the moments when you are happy and inspired.

When I stop to notice, I can easily feel what I enjoy and what I miss.
It is a great way to make notes to be applied in everyday life.
You can have similar experiences that inspire and fill you up.
Eliminate the thoughts, feeling, words and interactions that depress you.

I notice I am inspired by meaningful and focused interaction.
I enjoy schedule, routine and clarity of focus.
I enjoy simple, healthy eating with minimal thought.
I enjoy having  no distraction and many times of silence.
I enjoy writing and enjoy inner peace.
I enjoy cleanliness and order in my surrounding.
I enjoy the sounds and sights of natural surroundings.
I enjoy laughter and light-hearted interactions.
I enjoy being grateful and sharing appreciation.
I enjoy living, eating, dressing simply.
I enjoy exercising in water once or twice daily.
I enjoy 8 hrs of sleep and a 30 min power nap daily.
I am inspired by a fun, safe and easy life.

I notice also what is missing that I want in my daily life.
I want to facilitate and encourage positive sharing with others.
I want to be busy with activities that are meaningful and have benefit to others
I want to write more and complete my creative projects.

When I meditate and reflect on what I want more of:
I want more spiritual family and coming together to share and inspire one another.
I want full and fulfilling times wherever I am.
I want time for walking and water exercise everyday where possible.

I want to focus more on gratitude and blessing of all the Good I have in my life.
What we focus on and remember with appreciation, we increase exponentially.
I am bountifully blessed with my open-mindedness and willingness to always improve my life.
I am grateful that I know I can and do in everyway give myself and others the very best I know.

Loving us all as we increase our inspiration and gratitude quotient.
Betty Lue