Monday, April 16, 2018

Higher Vision

I listen to my heart and know what is true for me.
I see and feel and know the good I am here to do.
I live the vision that I see with all I teach and share.
I love myself as I reach all to all humanity

Imagine What You Want To Be!

Use your imagination to envision the world you want to see.
Allow yourself to envision the way you want to be.
Listen inside to know what you are to do.
Trust yourself enough to be willing to free You.

Life is your playground for you to be free to play.
There is plenty of space and time to enjoy everyday.
You can write your life script and sing your own song.
You have the choice to paint your dreams or just go along.

Life tempts us to do what others say.
Parents and teachers guide us to learn others’ way.
To see ourselves and free ourselves is what we are here to do.
It takes a willingness to let go and learn to home the truth inside of you.

Sit and write and learn to be still.
Let the trees talk to you because nature always will.
You may here Just love or appreciate the beauty all around.
You will know in your heart what you really want to do.

It takes practice to be quiet.
It takes patience to be still.
It takes time to listen and hear.
It take open-mindedness to see within.

There is a path and a purpose, specifically for you.
There are signs everyday about you love and enjoy.
There are people that you admire and respect.
There are places you want to go and like to be.

Each piece of the puzzle is waiting there for you.
Begin to live the Highest Truth.
Learn to let go of what is not for you.
Undo quickly what is not right and good.

Step away from those who criticize and block your vision.
Move around the obstacles, excuses and delays.
Step forward in faith and trust in your insights.
Believe you can do anything you your your whole mind to.

Our wisdom comes from within.
Our clarity comes over time.
Our truth lives in our heart.
We know because we are happy..

Live your vision.
Know your Truth.
Love yourself.
Follow your dreams.

Loving the world we create individually and together.
Betty Lue