Sunday, April 15, 2018

Do Something!

Everyday in everyway I am learning to be truly helpful.
I care about others, as I care for myself.
I trust and respect everyone’s life journey.
I am here to do the best I know for myself and others..

What Can We Do?

What can we do for the children?
What can we do for our elders?
What can we do for the sick, homeless and disabled?
What can we do for our world/

We can start where we are.
We can take care of ourselves.
We can respect our own needs.
We can learn how to give ourselves the best we know.

We can take care of our minds with education and be open to learning.
We can care for ourselves emotionally with forgiveness and affirmation.
We can care for our bodies with good food and hydration, adequate rest, and healthy activity.

We can take good care of our home and work environments with cleanliness and order.
We can choose good associations, friendships and social activities.
We can handle our money with attention to our budget for spending, savings and contributions.
We can spend daily time with our inspiration, spirituality and principle-centered living.

When we have given ourselves the best, we are fulfilled and at peace.
When we are using our time, energy, resources and money well, we can easily give to others.
We have an overflow to teach and learn, give and receive with others.
We can be good neighbors and good stewards in our home, community and world.

When we are not good examples of what we want for our children, it is difficult to help them.
When we are not living what we teach and preach, we can not be believed.
When we leave our lives a mess with unhappiness and regrets, we will not inspire others.
When we do not live our dreams and give up on ourselves, we cannot be truly helpful to others.

What can we do while we are getting our own lives together?
What can we do while working on ourselves?
What can we do while learning how to give ourselves the best?
What can we do for others when we need to do for ourselves?

We can be kind and courteous.
We can listen and learn.
We can do what we would want if we were in their shoes.
We can believe in them and trust everyone is doing the best they can.

We can share what we have.
We can give what we can.
We can learn to stop judging.
We can love them anyway.

We can always smile and say Hello.
We can remember to say please and thank you.
We can encourage and think good thoughts.
We can be a good example.

 Give yourself credit for doing the good you do everyday for yourself and others.
Appreciate the ways you help and the good intentions you hold for everyone.
Bless yourself with appreciation and kindness.
Love you, because I do.
Betty Lue