Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I use my thoughts, words and actions for the Goodness Sake.
I immediately delete what has no positive value.
I easily forgive and erase limiting thoughts and words with love.
I use my life to create what is good, beautiful and healing for all.

You Are Creating!

Every thought is creating!
Every word is creating.
Every action is creating.
Every story is creating.

Are you creating what you want to experience?
Are you creating what you fear or don’t want?
Are you creating what is Good or what is bad?
Are you creating more of the same or something new?

It is up to you!

When you dream you are creating.
When you spend money, you are creating.
When you judge, you are creating.
When you give your attention, you are creating.

Some folks give attention to what they admire.
Some spend money on what they value.
Some tell stories about miracles of Goodness.
They create a world of positive possibilities, people and places.

Some folks pay attention to what they fear.
Some give their time and money to what they hate.
Some tell stories about disease, disasters and depression.
They create a world of negative effects and victimization.

It is easy to change our focus from awful to awesome
It is fun, safe and easy to seek positive experiences and step away from negative ones.
It is helpful to build a repertoire of stories to tell that are filled with insight, wisdom, kindness and love.
We can become those who create more light, life and love in our world.

Negativity is a learned habit of mind.
Stories of suffering and pain yield more of the same.
Sharing our toxic material for others to hear creates a world of much more to fear.
We can undo what we do not want to be true by simple letting go in private.

Forgive and erase with love.
Undo and deny what has no value to you.
Give up what is not fit for eyes, ears or innocent minds
Step away from is hurtful, unkind or simply offensive.

We can create beauty, goodness and wholeness.
We can clean up what is not healthy for any of us.
We can take responsibility for what we see and hear and repeat.
Store no garbage in your mind and make yourself well again.

You are created to create.
Create what is good and beautiful and healthy for one and all.
This is your function and your purpose.
Give yourself the gift of creating all Good for All.

Loving us all as creators.
Betty Lue