Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Create What You Value

I am free to choose what I want to be, do and have.
I contribute to what inspires, encourages and creates new life.
I take full responsibility for my thoughts, words and behavior.
I live what is true to everything I value.

Create What You Value

Are we building a world of dependence or independence?
Are we creating families that are limiting or freeing?
Are we focused on what we fear or what we love?
Are we remembering to put down or lift up?

Where we give our time and thoughts, we are valuing.
Where we give our attention and words, we are valuing.
Where we give our money and actions, we are valuing.
Whatever we value continues to grow and increase with our attention and appreciation.

Without consciousness, we may value and increase what we don’t value.
Without awareness, we may continue to spend time and money on what we want to get rid of.
Without meaning any harm, we may actually expend our hard work on what we are ready to release.
Humanity has often been taught to erase, defend, fight and make right what we hate, fear and resent.

This upside down behavior continues the very things we wish to discourage and dissolve.
When we remember to ignore the negative and reward the positive, we find what works.
Give positive energy to what works for you and step away from what does not work.
This is the effectiveness of behavior modification.

To create:
Think about what brings your love, freedom, trust and joy.
Talk about what you choose to do and have and be.
Use your energies and relationships to encourage and create positive ideas, actions and accomplishments.

Be grateful for every positive thought, word and activity that creates Good for You and in you.
Respectfully step away from the people and situations that bring out the worst in you.
With curiosity and enjoyment step into places and relationships that inspire and encourage you.
Life is meant to offer constant choice.

We are here  to remember our free will.
We are to develop the awareness of choice not defense.
We are here to strengthen our freedom to choose what we what to be and do and have.
We are called to follow the light and watch the light grow with our gratitude.

When there is a limiting habit to undo, choose a healthy habit to use as a replacement.
When there is a personality to release, choose to release with your blessing and choose again with love.
When there is a belief that is limiting, use your mind to erase and create a belief that is expansive.
When there is a value that distracts, delays or disappoints, choose what focuses, accelerates and forgives.

Life mirrors our actions and reactions.
Life shows us what and where we are valuing and giving time, resources and energy.
When we learn to focus on our real intended values, we have an intentional life.
When we clear fear, unconscious choices, and giving energy to what we devalue, we have what we intend.

Loving our learning and waking up to what matters!
Betty Lue