Thursday, November 16, 2017

True Family

I am part of the family of humanity.
All people are here to share love, trust and respect.
I feel connected with all creation.

I am open and willing to give and receive Love with everyone.


Who do you belong to?
What defines your true family?
Where do you fit?
How are you loved and supported?

Many define their family as the ones who birthed you.
Others see family as those who raised you.
Some see family as where they felt most loved.
Who is constantly there supporting you, no matter what?

Where we give and receive love, we are strengthened and supported.
Those with whom we feel accepted no matter what encourage us.
When we feel valued, we know this is our home base and safe place.
When we feel at home with family, loving is fun, safe and easy.

Consider how you share your love with your true family.
Family can be friendships that never quit.
Family can be those with whom you have most fun.
Family can be those you feed and nurture with your love.

Family may be your original family.
Family may be those with whom you live.
Family may be the family you create.
Family may be close friendships.

When you find “true” family, you fill feel forgiven.
When you create a lasting family, you will feel connected.
When you choose those to love, you will know what family is.
Often we grow beyond our own biological family with our own spiritual development.

Honor those who birthed you and raised you with your gratitude.
Be grateful for what you learned and what you value.
Choose to treat them with compassion, respect and kindness.
Forgive the ways you may have allowed them to hurt you.

We have the freedom to choose forgiveness.
We can release the past and see things differently.
We can choose our true family with those we know.
We can respect our past relationships for what we learned.

Love them anyway.
We all do the best we know.
Forgive the errors we make and choose again.
Be respectful and be grateful for what we learned.

Loving us all as we learn together.
Betty Lue